At the height of his career, Kyên ổn Bum was involved in a string of dating rumors as well as his past relationship with former co-stars.

The South Korean star could not escape the prying eyes of the media after being caught up in controversy, including Moon Geun Young và Oh Yeon Seo.

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Kyên ổn Bum Dating History: Did he Date the "Cinderella"s Sister" Actress?


In 2013, Klặng Bum & Moon Geun Young starred in the historical Kdrama "Goddess of Fire" where she played the role of Joseon Dynasty"s first ceramic potter Yoo Jung Yi while the "Boys Over Flowers" star took on the role of Jung Yi"s childhood friover, Kyên ổn Tae Do who harbors deep feelings towards her.

Seemingly, their relationship went reel to lớn real because of their closeness on mix, sparking dating rumors between the lead stars.

After the historical drama wrapped up in October, their agencies confirmed that Kyên ổn Bum và Moon Geun Young are in a relationship.

At the time, the actress" agency Namoo Actors said that the stars have "started to develop feelings through filming MBC"s drama "Goddess of Fire," adding that it has "been a month since they"ve sầu started dating."

The same goes for Kyên ổn Bum"s agency, who answered the issue regarding their Europe trip.

"They started dating from the beginning of October. They traveled khổng lồ Europe together with acquaintances," King Kong Entertainment explained.

Unfortunately, a year after their relationship was confirmed, Klặng Bum & Geun Young announced their break up but remained as colleagues, according lớn Namoo Actors.

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All About Kyên ổn Bum"s Relationship with Oh Yeon Seo


(Photo lớn : Oh Yeon Seo"s Instagram)

Years after Kyên ổn Bum"s breakup with Moon Geun Young, the "Padam Padam" star is spotted out & about with Oh Yeon Seo, who is two years his senior.

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At the time, multiple reports noted that the two met at a friend"s gathering after the finale of "A Korean Odyssey," which stars the actress.

The dating controversy spread like wildfire after photos of them at a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, circulated on the Internet.

According khổng lồ truyền thông media outlets, they became "cthua kém very quickly because they had many things in comtháng & really understood each other."

Kim Bum"s agency immediately addressed the issue & confirmed that he had been dating the actress for a month.

However, in February 2019, the couple called it quits và announced that they had officially broken up but did not discthua thảm the reason for privacy issues.

Klặng Bum on his Ideal Girl

In a previous interview, the "Law School" star shared his thoughts about his igiảm giá khuyến mãi type.

He gets honest & says that he likes petite women who are also inlớn sports.

Aside from physical aspects, he revealed that he wanted someone who could understvà the type of career he has.

As we all know, being an actor means that their schedule is quite busy, & they are constantly on mix shooting films or tv series or even filming endorsements & more.

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