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December 02, 2020 - 11:58 GMT Sharnaz Shahid Britain"s Got Talent judge David Walliams makes surprising revelation about friendship with Sitháng Cowell

Despite having a close bond during their time together on Britain"s Got Talent, judge David Walliams has made a surprising revelation about his friendship with Simon Cowell.

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During a recent Q&A to lớn promote his upcoming Christmas special, Jack and the Beanstalk: After Ever After, the comedian revealed he hasn"t heard from Simon in "six months" since the truyền thông mogul is spending time "convalescing in Barbados".

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"I haven"t heard from hlặng for about six months. I vày think if you"re out of sight you"re out of mind with hyên ổn," shared David, reports the Metro. "When we are together it"s fun.

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"But I don"t think he"s sitting there thinking, "I wonder how David is, I must give hyên a Gọi and let hyên ổn know I"m OK và thank hyên for doing such a good job on Britain"s Got Talent when I wasn"t there.""

David, who has worked alongside Sitháng on BGT since 2012, went on to lớn reveal another surprising fact about the X Factor judge. "Sitháng doesn"t have a phone," he added. "Well, either he doesn"t have sầu a phone or he hasn"t given me his number."

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"He"s currently convalescing in Barbados. Not bad," he later teased. "Convalesce anywhere, make it Barbados."

Sitháng has been keeping a low-protệp tin following his bike accident in August, but has been showing positive signs of recovery in recent weeks và has been receiving round-the-cloông chồng care.

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Sitháng Cowell is set lớn return khổng lồ BGT in 2021

Last week, fellow BGT judge Amandomain authority Holden hinted that Simon could very well make an appearance in the upcoming Britain"s Got Talent Christmas special - which will see the judges performing as well as previous BGT stars.

"He may make an appearance," she told Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes when quizzed. But according to lớn Amandomain authority, Simon will definitely make his TV return on Britain"s Got Talent next year & has already confirmed lớn her that he will be at the auditions when they kiông chồng off in January.

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"Yes. I"ve sầu heard it from the horse"s mouth," she shared. "He phoned me in the last sort of three weeks, He"s well, he"s fighting fit, he can"t wait lớn get started.

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So when we start auditions in January he will be there."

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