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Ever since they starred in JTBC"s "Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food", rumors of Jung Hae-in và Son Ye-jin dating has spread lượt thích wildfire.

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But, how true is this?

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Ever since they starred in JTBC’s Pretty Noomãng cầu Who Buys Me Food, rumors of Jung Hae-in và Son Ye-jin dating have spread lượt thích wildfire. Both stars nói qua a cthua thảm bond, but are they a couple?

Their Remarkable On-Screen Chemistry Fired up Their Dating Rumors

Being an integral part of showbiz makes you bound khổng lồ people’s judgment và opinions. The stars of Pretty Noomãng cầu Who Buys Me Food can undoubtedly relate to lớn this.The show’s lead pair is presumed to be in a lãng mạn relationship by the truyền thông và fans worldwide, even when neither has corroborated the dating rumors. Hae-in và Ye-jin’s dating rumors instigated after they pulled off their characters extraordinarily and depicted incredible reel chemistry. This led lớn speculations that the actors are in a relationship. Jung Hae-in and Son Ye-jin in Pretty Noomãng cầu Who Buys Me Food (Source: Business Times) Shedding some light on their dating rumors, Ye-jin put forward that she and her co-star aren"t dating. She evasively và playfully added that, even if they are not dating now, she isn"t sure about the future. We’re not currently dating. Though I don’t know if we might date in future or not.In 2018, Hae-in also opened up about the word on the street và communicated about his dating gossip.According khổng lồ the handsome actor, he had been confronted by people regarding his dating status with his co-star.

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Additionally, people even advised him to lớn be with her. However, Hae-in và Ye-jin haven’t discussed the elephant in the room. People around me keep saying, ‘Why don’t you two date?’ và ‘If you two date, I’ll tư vấn you.’  noona & I have sầu even talked about it.From what the stars have sầu to say, it seems like they mô tả a platonic relationship.

Hae-in Mentioned that He Is Closer lớn Ye-jin

Although Hae-in discarded the dating rumors, he does admit that he has a cđại bại and friendly relationship with his Pretty Noomãng cầu Who Buys Me Food co-star. When you spover a significant part of your time with someone, growing a cordial bond based on mutual admiration & care is a natural progression. Jung Hae-in & Son Ye-jin Stun together (Source: A Koala"s Playground)The two grew closer throughout filming. Hae-in stated that initially, he was overwhelmed by Ye-jin since she was a senior actress with significant experience over hyên ổn. Luckily, over time he eased up khổng lồ her, và now they are comfortable with each other. is no longer an intimidating senior actor around whom I feel awkward, but a close noona who is easy to lớn talk to lớn and who listens khổng lồ my thoughts. I hope that even a year from now, we’ll still be in touch và contact one another freely. The bond between the stars has only flourished with time. Sweetly enough, Ye-jin also sent Hae-in best wishes for the latter"s next romantic venture, Tune In For Love sầu.