The voice mỹ mùa 9

New country from Hailey Steele, Corey Kent và Josh GallagherNew music from Cassadee Pope, Curtis Grimes, Ashlvà CraftNew music from Felicia Temple, Donmãng cầu Allen, Lowell Oakley, Judith HillKylie Rothfield, Tyke James, Anthony Arya, Whitney Fenimore release musicElenowen, Britton Buchanan, Blaine Mitchell release new songsNew music from Jacquie, Chance Pena, The ShadesAddison Aren drops post-Voice album, announces tourToneisha Harris, Brian Nhira, MarissaAnn drop new musicChechồng out new music from LACES, Payge Turner, Manny CaboMarisa Corvo, Courtnie Ramirez, Kendra Checketts release singles

Follow the link & you’ll find a bio blog on each singer done at the time of his or her blind audition.

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Jordan Smith with Adam Levine, his coach on The Voice. (NBC Photo)


Follow the liên kết & you’ll find a bio blog on each singer done at the time of his or her blind audition.

Winner: Jordan Smith (Team Adam)2nd: Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)3rd: Barrett Baber (Team Blake)4th: Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen)Top : Madi Davis (Team Pharrell)Top 6: Zach Seabaugh (Team Blake)Top 9: Amy Vachal (Team Adam)Top 9: Braiden Sunshine (Team Gwen)Top 9: Shelby Brown (Team Adam)Top 10: Korin Bukowski (Team Gwen)Top 11: Evan McKeel (Team Pharrell)Top 12: Mark Hood (Team Pharrell)Top 20: Blaine Mitchell (Team Blake)Top 20: Darius Scott (Team Pharrell)Top 20: Ivonne Acero (Team Pharrell)Top 20: Keith Semple (Team Adam)Top 20: Morgan Frazier (Team Blake)Top 20: Regimãng cầu Love sầu (Team Adam)Top: 20: Riley Biederer (Team Pharrell)Top 20: Viktor Kilary (Team Adam)Top 24: Celeste Betton *(Team Pharrell)Top 24: Chance Pena * (Team Adam)Top 24: Ellie Lawrence *(Team Gwen)Top 24: Nadjah Nicole * (Team Blake)

* Selected as comebachồng artists for the live playoffs after having previously been eliminated. Celeste bowed out in the battle round; the other three in the knockout round.

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Barrett Baber & Zach Seabaugh both finished in the Top 6 on Season 9 for Team Blake Shelton. (NBC Photo)

Knockout round:Andi & Alex (Team Adam)Blind Joe (Team Blake)Cole Criske (Team Blake)Dustin Christensen (Team Blake)James Dupre (Team Adam)Kota Wade (Team Gwen)Siahmãng cầu Im (Team Pharrell)Summer Schappell (Team Gwen)Tlặng Atlas (Team Gwen)

Battle round: Alex Kandel (Team Gwen)Amandomain authority Ayala (Team Adam)Cassandra Robertson (Team Adam)Chase Kerby (Team Gwen)Chris Crump (Team Blake)Daria Jazmin (Team Pharrell)Dustin Monk (Team Adam)Hannah Ashbrook (Team Gwen)Jubal and Amandomain authority (Team Pharrell)Krista Hughes (Team Blake)Lyndsey Elm (Team Gwen)Manny Cabo (Team Adam)Noah Jackson (Team Gwen)Sydney Rhame (Team Pharrell)Tyler Dickerson (Team Blake)


Team Adam Levine on The Voice includes (from left) Amandomain authority Ayala, Stavrou Robertson, Jordan Smith, Regimãng cầu Love sầu, Manny Cabo, Keith Semple, Dustin Monk, Chance Pena, Viktor Kilary, Andi và Alex, James Dupre & Shelby Brown. (NBC Photo)


Team Blake Shelton on The Voice includes: (seated at piano) Blind Joe và Morgan Frazier; (standing, from left) Cole Criske, Zach Seabaugh, Barrett Baber, Emily Ann Roberts, Chris Crump, Tyler Dickerson, Dustin Christensen, Krista Hughes, Blaine Mitchelle and Nadjah Nicole. (NBC Photo)


Team Gwen Stefani on The Voice includes (from left) Braiden Sunshine, Kota Wade, Noah Jackson, Korin Bukowski, Ellie Lawrence, Jeffery Austin, Chase Kerby, Tyên Atlas, Alex Kandel, Summer Schappell, Hanmãng cầu Ashbrook và Lyndsey Elm. (NBC Photo)


Team Pharrell Williams on The Voice includes (seated) Madi Davis and Evan McKeell, (standing, from left) Amy Vachal, Siahmãng cầu Im, Jubal & Amandomain authority, Riley Biederer, Mark Hood, Ivonne Acero, Darius Scott, Celeste Brown, Sydney Rhame & Daria Jazmin. (NBC Photo)

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From The Voice Season 14

Alexa Cappelli was a contestant on The Voice Season 14 và just released this great new single & music video.

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