Many of my favorite moments definitely came from the Finland episodes. Their relationship became deeper as they opened up khổng lồ each other. Bolin confessed that he especially likes Ji Hyo’s frankness & honest character. Whether it’s onscreen or off-screen, she is exactly the same person.

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Ji Hyo opened up about her experience being on “Running Man” for the last six years. The other members always treated her like a brother và she never wanted khổng lồ trouble them or ask for differential treatment while being on the show. She said she’s thought that way for the last six years, causing her feminine side to gradually diminish over time. Understanding her feelings and worries, Bolin told her that she didn’t have sầu khổng lồ force herself to be svào in front of him. Ji Hyo, grateful that he understood her, confessed that she often told the people around her how lucky she is to have sầu met him.

After Bolin & Ji Hyo finished dancing, they sat down on the stage and started to lớn reflect on their trip. Ji Hyo said she had been busy working & living an intense life while struggling for a livelihood, which made her suppress her emotions. After seeing all the beautiful scenery in Finland, she became emotional and realized that one cannot ignore the emotions in his or her daily life. Ji Hyo starts to get teary-eyed & Bolin agrees that he is exactly the same. He is constantly busy with work, & finds difficulty in maintaining work-life balance with his career. From this trip you could see that they both opened up a lot more to each other and developed a stronger mutual understanding.

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Ji Hyo visited Bolin in Taiwan & one of the places he took her was a breakfast cửa hàng where he had eaten since he was a child. He got her to try his “Bolin Burger,” his favorite breakfast tòa tháp on the thực đơn. He introduced Ji Hyo to lớn the cửa hàng owner, who was like a mother figure to lớn Bolin, having watched hlặng grow up while making breakfast for hlặng every day. Besides taking her to the breakfast shop, he showed her the path he took every day lớn school, visited his junior high school, và introduced her khổng lồ his old teacher and classmates. There’s something so heartwarming, sincere, and intimate in the way Bolin shows Ji Hyo his private life and past. Ji Hyo had mentioned previously that Bolin is not the type of person who pretends lớn be thoughtful. He is genuinely lượt thích that in real life & sincerely thinks about everyone around hyên.

After their good-byes for the show, Ji Hyo received a surprise invitation from Bolin to lớn meet at a music studio during the behind-the-scenes interview. Ji Hyo arrived at the music studio và was surprised to see Bolin and his band performing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Franki Valli & The Four Seasons. After the performance, Bolin said he hoped their relationship would be lượt thích a semi-colon, a “lớn be continued” with more stories to lớn come. He hoped she would take care of hlặng from then on. They hugged & cutely introduced themselves to lớn each other as if meeting for the first time, symbolizing the start of their new beginning beyond the show. Ji Hyo said from then on, no matter where they are or what they are doing, they would meet again.

What are some of your favorite Bobo and Momo moments from “We Are In Love”?

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